IS clinical facial treatment


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A luxury clinical brand that offers a skin care regime that boasts 95-98% botanically derived ingredients that are fragrance and paraben free.

A non-systemic treatment ensures application is safe during pregnancy and during/post cancer treatment.
The cosmeceutical formulations promote cellular integrity and improve cell function with amino acid presence whilst advanced anti-oxidants will protect and strengthen cellular structure.

Skin resurfacing is promoted by using naturally derived desquamation agents found in powerful botanical acids allow penetration of key ingredients whilst the use of selected proteins and peptides helps to prevent the breakdown of collagen and aids the synthesis of new collagen.

Results driven formulations are supported by White Papers and clinical studies. The clinical skin care range can help address skin conditions including Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, and Inflamed, compromised and aging skin.

The successful and popular ‘Fire and Ice’ resurfacing facial treatment system is popular with celebrities globally including Halle Berry, Rosie Huntington, Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow based on its hydrating and skin brightening due to its zero-down time.

The ‘Fire and Ice’ treatment

What’s included?
The ‘Fire and Ice’ treatment –effectively exfoliates the skin unclogging congested pores and reducing pore size, increases microcirculation and gives an immediate ‘polished’ smooth appearance to skin. Effects will last up to 2-4 weeks.


The ‘foaming enzyme’ treatment

What’s included?
Revives tired and congested skin by exfoliating and deep cleansing pores revealing a brighter, re-energized tighter skin appearance. Effects will last from 2-4 weeks.


LED Phototherapy

What’s included?
The clinically proven wavelength of the Deesse LED light therapy mask integrates with the IS Clinical formulations to stimulate natural cellular responses thus addressing some of the most common and problematic skin conditions and encourage skin improvement and rejuvenation. Can also be delivered as a ‘stand- alone’ treatment


Other key features
  • Near Infra-red light –RED – Anti-aging
    Increases collagen and elastin production, helps reduce fine lines, and improves skin texture
  • Near Infra-red light – BLUE – Purifying
    Destroys bacteria, helps regulate natural oil production, improves congested skin, and calms inflammation
  • Near Infra-red light – YELLOW – detoxifying
    Detoxifying, lymphatic system stimulating, complexion improving, neutralises balance and calms skin
  • Near infra-red light – GREEN –Brightening
    Melanin production regulation, lightens and reduces existing pigmentation, effective at tacking redness and rejuvenating skin
  • Near Infra-red light – RED and BLUE light – post procedure
    Calms redness and Inflammation, destroys bacteria, speeds healing process, stimulates cellular repair and renewal
  • Near Infra-red light – GREEN and BLUE –Calming
    Neutralises, calms and balances skin, calms redness and inflammation, improves skin complexion, stimulates cellular repair and renewal