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The last few years have seen a positive rise in the number of men requesting non-surgical aesthetic treatments and accessing cosmetics and toiletries to deliver a daily skincare routine strictly for men.

Males from an array of differing professions are asking for treatments that offer fast outcomes with minimal downtime to suit busy schedules. Treatments most sought after include those to address acne scars, general rejuvenation of the skin and Hyperhidrosis. The male skin is 15-25% thicker and more oily then female’s skin so rarely appears dry whilst in good health.

Anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments are planned on an individual basis following a consultation to discuss expected outcomes.

Popular male treatments include;

  • Wrinkle relaxing treatment
  • Dermal filler-to add volume
  • Facial treatments
  • Micro needling treatments
  • Plasma pro treatment

All of the above treatments can be used to address acne scared tissue and dull looking skin. After care will be also be provided.